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When we offer training on negotiation, there will be tactics and techniques that are new for the participants.

Oftentimes, we give up on an approach when it doesn’t immediately feel comfortable.

That’s why the commitment to the habit formation process is so critical.

Join our Managing Partner, Joanna Shea for some thoughts on building habits!


Are we considering how much more powerful we can become if we seek to build strength before the conversation begins?

Tactics at the table are important, no question. Many negotiations have ended poorly because of failure here.

But- as we gather information, and explore avenues for strategy, along with finding partners who could help us, we find our real power and success.


How is it that people don't realize they aren't very good at the skill of negotiation?

Simple. We never SEE what "could have been".

Consider a few unfavorable outcomes of bad negotiators, and you'll quickly realize why we don't know we should be doing better.

* Losing opportunities: If you are unable to negotiate effectively, you will miss out on opportunities to unlock value, advance your career, secure a better deal -and that's nearly always possible-, or achieve your goals.

But we often don't even think to explore these opportunities, so we think we're doing just fine.

* Accepting unfavorable terms: As a bad negotiator, you will end up accepting terms that are not in your best interest, maybe because you're afraid to speak up, or maybe you just aren't curious enough. You could end up accepting a lower salary, unfavorable contract terms, or suboptimal working conditions like not having much vacation time or a schedule that isn't flexible.

How many people don't know they can negotiate for more than just a salary? A lot. We just accept what we get.

* Wasting time and resources: If you are not able to reach an agreement through efficient negotiation, you end up wasting time and resources that could have been better spent on other activities.

But we don't see that wasted time! Rather "It's all part of the process." Or worse! We think we did well (and we value the outcome more) when we spend MORE time and effort to achieve that desired outcome. #IkeaEffect

We often miss what we don't see. Don't let that person be you!


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