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When in conflict with others, under stressful conditions, there are three negative reactions that we need to be aware of and guard against.

🔴 Defensiveness

🔴 Blaming

🔴 Loss of self control

By having self-mastery, including the awareness and control over your instinctive responses, you'll be in the best position to find an outcome that is satisfactory for you and the team you represent!

The Negotiations Collective is proud to be represented on the “What Women Want Today” podcast.. but who was interviewed?

With a great staff of trainers and staff such as: Joanna Shea, Melissa F., Ines Piccinino, Kayla Wilson, Samantha Sperle..

The episode “From Fear to Freedom” features our very own: Scott Tillema 🤣🤣 along with co-hosts Terri Kellums & Amanda Kieper.

Enjoy the conversation and hear how you can use the skills of negotiation, conflict resolution, and influence to find success in your life.

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