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054: Expert Negotiating Tips ART of Feminine NEGOTIATION

Could you benefit from some hot negotiating tips from negotiation experts?

Be sure to check out this episode, where Cindy interviews Joanna Shea. Joanna has almost 20 years of negotiation experience across multiple sectors and industries. She’s led over $2 Billion worth of negotiated contracts. She’s studied conflict and Negotiations including Harvard’s negotiation mastery program and is currently managing partner of the Negotiations Collective.

Take advantage of over a half century of negotiation experience as Cindy and Joanna discuss everything from:

negotiation styles (how to recognize yours, the other party’s, why it’s important and how to adjust it) managing personalities in the workplace top negotiating tips breaking impasse gender roles in negotiation.

Learn more about Joanna on Linked In at: Joanna Shea

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