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Adjust Your Mindset to Succeed in Negotiation with Melissa Fortunato

Negotiation Ninja Podcast Hosted by Mark Raffan

How do you adjust your mindset before a negotiation? Why is it important to step outside your comfort zone? Why is a connection in a negotiation everything? Melissa Fortunato retired from the FBI after 23 years. She spent her career as a crisis hostage negotiator and did undercover work. Now, she offers negotiation and conflict resolution training. We talk about learning to adjust your mindset when you get uncomfortable in this episode of Negotiations Ninja.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:48] Learn more about Melissa Fortunato

  • [2:47] How to adjust your mindset for negotiation

  • [6:32] How Melissa prepared for undercover work

  • [10:17] Melissa’s experience working undercover

  • [11:42] How to step out of your comfort zone

  • [15:42] Focus on the power of connection

  • [17:24] Learn to manage your emotions


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