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Professional Development Training

We help our clients get MORE. More confidence. More trust. More opportunity. More value.


Our negotiation and conflict coaching includes: 

  • Strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat assessment 

  • Negotiation/conflict style assessment 

  • Strategic networking plan

  • Conflict resolution training

  • Needs assessment and goal planning

  • Persuasion, influence, and compliance 

  • More

Want more? Contact us.


Professional Development Training
We passionately believe that networking is your gateway to opportunities, conflict resolution is your vehicle to solutions, and negotiations are your means to unveiling value. 


With above in mind, we offer professional development training focused on: 


  • Negotiations

  • Persuasion, Influence, and Compliance

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Strategic Networking 

Corporate training can be delivered in person, or over zoom. 


Our training sessions come in a variety of lengths.


For more information, please contact us directly. 



Professional Development Training

Please contact us directly for further information.

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