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Professional Development Training
We passionately believe that networking is your gateway to opportunities, conflict resolution is your vehicle to solutions, and negotiations are your means to unveiling value. 

With above in mind, we offer professional development training focused on two main areas: 


  • Conflict resolution: Lead by Scott Tillema, a former SWAT hostage negotiator & Melissa Fortunato, a retired FBI agent and hostage negotiator, our conflict resolution courses can be completed as a half day or full day program. Attendees will be learning and engaging in exercises allowing them to clarify how they approach conflict, and build the skills needed to find success when dealing with high stress, intense situations. 

  • Negotiation: Our faculty who instruct the full curriculum include Joanna Shea, Leighton Wilks, Ines Piccinino & Gary Luefschuetz. Our team's commercial negotiation expertise is based on decades of experiences negotiating in the global energy, construction, infrastructure, and consulting industries, along with government negotiations. We round off our commercial negotiation experience with published academic research in the negotiation and organizational behavior fields. 

Corporate training can be delivered in person, or over zoom and our training sessions can be as short as one half-day session, growing to our full three day program.


Our featured keynote speakers are Scott Tillema & Joanna Shea

Scott Tillema is a professional keynote speaker and offers both inspirational and educational stage talks.  He has brought joy to audiences big and small!  He has been speaking from the stage since 2016, when he offered a TEDx talk, "The Secrets of Hostage Negotiators", which has been viewed over one million times.  He draws from his work as a SWAT hostage negotiator, to share with audiences how to find success through communication, connection and influence.  

Scott has given keynotes on multiple continents and is available for speaking opportunities worldwide.  Contact us using the form below to get more information on availability and pricing.  

Extensive details about Scott's talks, testimonials, and media, can be found at this link: Scott Tillema on eSpeakers.

Joanna Shea offers two educational style keynote talks, Negotiation Excellence and Strategic Networking.  Joanna has received praise from her audiences who find her negotiation insights to be unique and valuable.  With a warm and engaging presentation style, Joanna has shared her mastery of negotiation from a variety of stages, including businesses, associations, and universities.  

Joanna is available for keynote and breakout speaking opportunities throughout Canada and the United States.  

Please inquire below for speaking opportunities for any of our faculty members, as we will work to accommodate all requests.  





The Negotiations Collective advisory services team is under the leadership of Managing Director Gary Luefschuetz, who for 15 years served as a member of and then led the Accenture Negotiation Center of Excellence.  We work both in-person and virtual for our advisory services and offer support for our clients in establishing the following: 

  • Resistance point, 

  • Walk-away, 

  • BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement), 

  • ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement), 

  • Negotiation Process, 

  • Negotiation Strategy, 

  • Role-plays in preparation for the Client’s engagement with hostile third parties. 

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