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We are excited to welcome Samantha Sperle to our team!

We are excited to welcome Samantha Sperle to our team! She will be serving as the scheduling and operations lead.

A little bit about her background!

Samantha Sperle is a creative and enthusiastic administrator with a passion for achieving efficiency and business success through streamlined logistics and processes. Samantha is a recent graduate from the Bisset School of Business at Mount Royal University with a specialization in Logistics and International Business.

Samantha is very active and participates in sports, outdoor activities, and gold prospecting. She trained and competed with Netball Canada, which gave her the opportunity to take her love for the sport abroad. She would later take courses in international marketing, cross cultural negotiations, and international trade while she studied in Switzerland.

Since graduating, Samantha has developed her administrative skills in multiple industries including: staffing, restaurant management, and skilled trades. She brings a fine attention to detail and a dynamic organizational style in order to support the growth and development of the Negotiations Collective.

Samantha Spearle


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